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NextPlays is a social innovation agency

Designing and implementing impactful projects,
programs and enterprises.

Discover areas of opportunity by building a deep appreciation of community needs and aspirations.
Collaborate across the community, government and commercial sectors to generate solutions and strategies.
Design prototype value propositions and business models, then test their viability in the community
A community development project to help set long term objectives, identify new social projects and enterprises, so communities can take charge of their own economic development.
Isitia is a development program designed to help youth envision a future they want and develop the plans and skills required to deliver on it.
A 100 day proof of concept program tailored specifically for entrepreneurs so they can prototype, test and plan the success of their social project.

Current Programs

The 100X is a one hundred day proof of concept program that continuously creates, prototypes and validates new social enterprises or social project, so that have a far greater success of being funded and supported to deliver on their social mission.

What it does

It helps you continuously improve and validate the quality of your idea and business model through needs assessment, concept development and business planning stages.

It helps you know what you need to do next and how to create a simple business plan and an easily understood presentation to take you there.

It builds connections with investors, grant funders and businesses to provide the support or resources required to get you to the next stage.

The intent of the program

The program has been designed to increase the pool of viable social projects and enterprises that can be supported by development, business and government partners.

Past Projects:


Training Isitia facilitators for Amigos de las Américas

We recently ran a limited ISITIA training workshop with ten youth leaders in Oaxaca. The objective was to cover off the first four workshop stages of the Isitia program and set up a 'Cell' or youth development group that can then facilitate the short version of ISIITA...

Isitia Amigos in Oaxaca

The team at  Fundacion ORB are going to partner with Amigos de las Américas to deliver the ISITIA program to communities in Oaxaca. Founded in 1965, Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) is an international, non-profit organization that empowers high school...